Zerek Toron

A tall andorian with a scowl seemingly eroded into the jawline of his weathered visage.

Rank Rear Admiral
Role Sector Commander for Sector 23
Operates out of Starbase 173
Family Child (n/a)

Service Record

Anyone with the ability and the motivation to check starfleet service records would learn that the contemplative Andorian:

  • Originally served with the Andorian Imperially Guard before transferring to Starfleet.
  • Served as CO aboard a variety of star craft; primarily in military capacities.
  • Promoted to Commodore at the brink of Dominion hostilities. Spearheaded and/or coordinated many of the more successful engagements therein.
  • After the war, served briefly on several committees and had several short lived, low profile stints as CO.
  • Promoted to Rear Admiral and reassigned to Starbase 173 as Sector Commander for Sector 23.

Zerek Toron

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