Belarus 2 System

The Belarus 2 system is settled at the murky edges of Federation territory.

Four eponymous stars claim this system as their home. Three of the stars (Belarus 2-1 through Belarus 2-3) are red giants, quietly burning out against a mural of comets, asteroids and nebulous gases. Oddly enough, the fourth seems to have just reached maturity (is astronomical terms, at least).

Starfleet has long maintained a science station (Science Station Minsk-2.3) to study the strange arrangement of celestial bodies, despite the destruction of Minsk-2.1 and Minsk-2.2 by Romulans.

A lone planet orbits around Belarus-2.4. Named simpley Belarus 2, this environmental semi-microcosm of Earth is not actually a Federation colony. In fact, it was long avoided due to the system’s proximity to the Romulans and the violence that brought.

However, just over two decades ago, an eccentric expatriate Federation ambassador erected a retirement villa along one of the coastlines. Soon after (in part due to the ambassador’s soirees), several other groups build similarly villa-like areas and the planet earned a reputation as a place where trade, commerce and discussion could be had by members of the non-ambassadorial or military classes to interact with their peers from other galactic powers.

Over time, it has developed a score of distinct zones and personal homes. Eventually, a handful of urbanscapes developed to provide more generic areas of commerce, as well as to provide the various trades that such meetings might want. Although said cities tend to look more like a downward sprawl from riches towards ruination and poverty.

Belarus 2 System

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