Pherolux System

  • Colony surrounding binary pulsars.
  • Closest features are a stellar nursery and the Ubyx system.

Pherolux 4

Actually barren, but struggling colony (mainly an orbital platform and science independent vessel) trying experimental teraforming.

  • 1 moon

Pherolux 5

Hoth-like. Colonies exist interspersed throughout the glacial surface, connected by specially constructed high-speed railways. Caves interfere with scanning. But, primarily trade the rare flora found on the surface.

  • 3 moons

Pherolux 12

Most earth-like, class M, but very small. Farming commune. Think Hampshire college, with a planet.

  • no moons; actually the main planet that the spacedock ‘orbits.’

Pherolux System Spacedock

Small orbital platform with:

  • a mid-sized dry dock (primarily used by the smaller freighters, not capital ships),
  • a handful of temporary cargo bays
  • 4 decks
  • 3 score enlisted, officers – 2x ensigns, 3x Lt. JG – primarily ops/traffic control, Lt. Soh’kor, Lt. Cmdr. Mellek.
  • Runabouts
  • Also responsible for maintenance of several sensor relays in neighboring systems.

Pherolux System

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