Shelby Kent

A disarmingly rotund old woman in an admiral's uniform.


Vice Admiral Shelby Kent didn’t earn the nickname ‘the spider’ for her outward geniality.

Her ‘home made’ replicator recipe cookies may not be poisoned, but she certainly has a way of getting information and pulling strings.

Spouse Captain Kent Williams (deceased)
Brother Admiral Douglas Kent (retired)
Children Commodore Amanda Kent (Strategic Planning Committee), Captain Douglas Kent II (USS Churchill), Ethan (n/a)
  • Daughter of prominent legacy for producing members of Starfleet Admiralcy
  • Specialty: Romulans
  • Formerly …
It’s hard to tell if her posting to Starbase 173 is a self-imposed exile or not. However, her stance on Romulans is fairly clear, given her years spent as a guardian of this segment of the Neutral Zone.
History (Federation)
Spent much of her career in Starfleet Intelligence, atypical of family’s history

Shelby Kent

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