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  • excalibur

    h3. Random Human Enlisted * Rebecca Armstrong * Jeffrey Fletcher * Olivia Bennett * Chloe Foster * Joshua Patel * Angela Rodriguez * Thomas Mitchell

  • Shelby Kent

    |_. Spouse|Captain Kent Williams (deceased)| |_. Brother|Admiral Douglas Kent (retired)| |_. Children|Commodore Amanda Kent (Strategic Planning Committee), Captain Douglas Kent II (_USS Churchill_), Ethan (n/a)| * Daughter of prominent legacy for …

  • Zerek Toron

    h3. Service Record Anyone with the ability and the motivation to check starfleet service records would learn that the contemplative Andorian: * Originally served with the Andorian Imperially Guard before transferring to Starfleet. * Served as CO …

  • Soh’kor

    "XO" of the space dock based in the [[Pherolux System | Pherolux System]], Soh'kor keeps the day-to-day systems running, managing both engineering and logistical aspects of the station.