Crew Creation


Crew creation is a multi-step, and in some ways ongoing, process. It is comprised of:

  1. Individual character creation
  2. Choosing starship class & name
  3. Generate loose history & relationship chart for crew

Individual Character Creation

Character creation will fully embrace the optional dynamic generation rules. For now, I’d prefer to avoid the creation of new species, but I am willing to hear out new takes or subtypes of the standard fair.

How do species work in Ashen Stars? Typically, they get a list of skills from which three can be chosen as ‘Boost Skills’ and/or other miscellaneous abilities where absolutely necessary. Already, I can say that Vulcans are similar to the Balla.

Characters can be of any rank, but the ‘main cast’ should be considered bridge crew level. Any gaps in the senior staff can be filled in at a later time, or by an NPC.

Choosing Starship Class & Name

One of your crew’s first decisions will be picking your starship’s class, name and perhaps a bit of service history.) Choice of starship and name is done by consensus. Feel free to read about the broad stroke differences among the starships.

Crew Relationships

Prior to play, new characters should have a relationship with at least two other characters. This does not have to be detailed. Acceptable examples could be “subordinate to so and so” or “served with so and so on previous vessel during specific circumstances, becoming romantic rivals for affections of crew mate; both lost.”

The idea behind these hooks is to help ease characters into RPing and hook them into the situation at hand.

Additionally, some time should be briefly spent on the ship’s history with the current crew. The easiest, and typical, setup is having new orders and a newly assigned CO with possibly a handful of characters serving under the previous CO. (Examples: TOS, TNG, DS9, VOY.)

For certain vessels, it’s possible that the CO could be a Cmdr instead of a captain.

Crew Creation

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