Starbase 173

In 2365, Starbase 1731 was a new addition to Sector 232. Despite several extra-quadrantial invasions and a declining Romulan Star Empire, the Federation outpost remains.


Starbase 173 was a Federation space station in service with Starfleet in the mid-24th century. This starbase was newly established in 2365, and was located in Sector 23, close to the Romulan Neutral Zone. It was under the command of sector commander Vice Admiral Nakamura. Captain Phillipa Louvois was assigned to the base as the sector’s Judge Advocate General.

More than 20 years later, Starbase 173 remains a bulwark against the forces lurking behind the neutral zone; a veritable frontier fortress marking the beginning of where Federation authority seeps into lawless space and another country. Currently, her castellan is Zerek Toron. As sector commander, Admiral Toron is charged with maintaining the neutrality of the neutral zone.

Additionally, Vice Admiral Shelby Kent maintains an office here. Attached to Starfleet Intelligence, her exact position and duties here are suitably clandestine. All those who don’t “need to know” need to know are that her duties likely involve coordinating the departments’ operations within the sector.

Primarily staffed by humans and Anticans.

Starbase 173’s interior is typical of Starfleet; wide rhomboid-esque windows regularly interrupting the soft-greys, whites and beiges of the surfaces.

Admiral Toron’s Offices

The walls are spartanly decorated. Behind the Sector Commander’s chair sits an Andorian take on a classic ancient-Earth sculpture of an Olympic discus thrower in marble.


Immediately to his right are a set of [Ushaan-tors]( To his left, a myriad collection of Federation starships, likely replicas of past commands.

His desk sits in the rear third of the room, the windows symmetricly placed to either side and offering a ponderous view of the space outside. A tableau rasseau of sleek digital countertop meticulously embroidered by a red wooden border, the digital slade itself is adorned only by his folded, steady hands. Instead of a recliner, seated visitors have their choice of one of two seats that are just awkwardly distant from the desk’s surface.

The sterile-carpet smell lends the room a sense of someone that’s barely been moved in – or mostly moved out.

Admiral Kent’s Offices

Dimensionally, the Admiral’s office is one of the largest on the station; but it doesn’t seem that way.

One half of the walls are stacked with shelves of varying shapes and coloring and contents. A mix of books, PADDs, photographs, projected, interaction-able models of the galaxy and other bric-a-brac. And, of course, a replicator.

The other is dominated by a kitty lounge, complete with a tabby cat (named “Spot”) drooped over one of the ledges.

Like an eye of a storm, however, the center of the room is a near-immaculate workspace. Her desk is flanked by three monitors (two to the right, one to the left) that stick out like parapets; the contents viewable only by the lounging old woman. A clean surface of modern greys that blend into the glassy black slate of a Federation console. Invariably, however, this “modern” aesthetic is interrupted by a tea set, knitting, or occasionally, cookies.

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Starbase 173

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