Starship Positions

Additionally, some time should be spent considering how command will play out. Is one character the captain or XO? Do you all democratically share the CO character? Do the CO and XO die in the midst of the first episode, and let the natural process decide?

If a hierarchy among characters does exist, please remember that this is a game – and there is no hierarchy among players. Any CO/XO character should allow the other crew members flexibility to pursue their goals, objectives, etc. (Within reason.) With power comes responsibility, please be flexible.

To put it another way, if you’re in charge, you’re assuming some of the responsibility for others fun.

For example, if the CO character hates Klingons, and someone wants to play a Klingon… come up with a reason that the CO does not hate/tolerates this Klingon.

Commanding Officer (CO) Commanding Officer; ultimate authority on the vessel; responsible for ship and its mission
Executive Officer (XO) Second in command; manages the day-to-day crew assignments and reports to the CO.
Second Officer Third in line of command
Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Medical officer in charge of medical facilities on ship.
Chief Engineer Manages the Engineering department.
Chief of Security Manages the Security of the vessel.
Science Officer Manages the science departments.

Starship Positions

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